Yale Law School Llm Application Deadline

Some law schools have not yet announced their LL.M. application deadlines; We will update this list as others add their deadlines. Please also note that Yale Law School will consider applications from individuals who have accepted admission through deferred college and junior admissions programs. The registration fee is $75 (USD), payable by credit card through LSAC. The application fee is separate and is in addition to the fees charged by LSAC for its application, accreditation and authentication services. These fees are non-refundable and will not be deducted from lessons if admitted. The activities section of the college asks three questions: 1) What you did during these semesters when you were not in school, including summers and other free semesters (p. e.g., employment, internships or study abroad); 2) what you did during the semester while taking classes (e.g., extracurricular activities, employment, or internships); and 3) a summary question in which you can briefly describe any other activities you feel are relevant (e.g., a thesis or major project, or significant personal or family responsibilities). To apply to Yale Law School, you must subscribe to the School of Law`s Degree Assembly Service (CAS). You can register with the CAS with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Yale Law School requires applicants to submit their applications through LSAC`s electronic application service, which is included as part of a CAS subscription. Below is a list of application deadlines for LL.M.

programs offered by law schools in the U.S. in the fall of 2021. Schools were selected based on the most visited university programs on LLM GUIDE and other high-level programs. Each year, applicants from all fields and with scores in all areas are admitted to Yale Law School. The only guarantee that you will not be admitted is if you do not apply, and we take every application we receive seriously. Applicants must have received their law degree from an accredited U.S. law school or non-U.S. law school. Faculty of law with substantially equivalent standards and should have a strong track record of academic achievement. Learn more about our requirements All offers of admission are subject to satisfactory compliance with the Dean`s certification requirement. Any discrepancy between a candidate`s answers to the questions in the Nature and Eligibility section of the application and the information contained in the Dean`s attestation forms will be considered sufficient grounds for withdrawing an offer of admission. You must submit LSAC transcripts from each college or university you attended, including schools you attended for graduate or professional studies.

Even if a school includes summary data about courses offered by another school in its transcript, an official transcript must be submitted by each institution. Yale Law School strongly encourages applicants to submit transcripts through LSAC that reflect all courses taken up to the time of application, and continues to encourage applicants to submit updated transcripts when additional courses are completed. We recommend that you allow LSAC at least six weeks to process a transcript. Detailed instructions can be found on the LSAC transcripts website. The applicant to whom an offer of admission is made will be notified shortly after the decision. Given our holistic review of each application and the significant involvement of faculty members in the review process, our decision-making process can be lengthy. Thank you for your patience throughout the review process. You must register and pay for LSAC`s LL.M. Credential Assembly Service (CAS) at least four to six weeks before the deadline for your first law school application. LSAC takes approximately two weeks to process a transcript or letter of recommendation in the United States from the time it is received. Transcripts from countries other than the U.S.

Institutions may take longer to process. LSAC will not send us your law school report until and if all official transcripts are made. Your TOEFL score – has been received. It is your responsibility to ensure that LSAC receives all your documents in a timely manner. Learn more about transcripts. As part of our review process, it is not advantageous to apply earlier in the application cycle in terms of likelihood of admission. In other words, your chances of admission remain constant no matter when you submit your application. If applicants to the LL.M. are from the United States, they must have received or expect to have received a senior Juris Doctor degree from a law school that is a member of the Association of American Law Schools or approved by the American Bar Association prior to the summer prior to their scheduled enrollment at Yale Law School. Applications will be submitted for the 2023-2024 academic year from August 1st to August 1st. December 2022 at 11:59 PM US Eastern Time.

The December 1 deadline should be understood as the date by which all applications for the LL.M. program must be submitted online via the Law School Admission Council`s (LSAC) electronic application service. All required supporting documents, such as transcripts, must be received by LSAC by this deadline. Please note that LSAC may take a few weeks to process and send your documents to Yale Law School. Nevertheless, your application will be considered „on time“ provided that all required documents have been received by LSAC by December 1. At Yale Law School, our goal is to enroll a talented, diverse, and engaged class each fall. Each request is reviewed comprehensively and holistically to ensure that we carefully review any information you provide to us. No one factor is determinative. Instead, the admissions committee carefully evaluates every component of each application, including your essays, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities and visits, honors and awards, work experience, and background. We do not use a GPA or standardized test score threshold in our review process. IMPORTANT: All prospective students are advised to check the above application deadlines with law schools as soon as possible before applying.

If you are applying for the GRE General Test, we must receive your GRE scores from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) by the application deadline of 15 February 2022. Since it can take up to 15 calendar days for ETS to submit your results once the audit is complete, you must take the ERM no later than February 1, 2022. Applicants who have completed the GRE can log into their ETS accounts and select Yale Law School as the recipient of GRE scores with school code 4542. If you decide to apply for LSAT, you must take the LSAT no later than January 2022. LSAC automatically reports all LSAT values for the past five years. The oldest LSAT note we will accept is June 2016. If you have completed the LSAT since June 2016, you do not have the option of not reporting your grade to law school – your grade will be included in the information we receive from LSAC in your CAS report. Your LSAT scores will be part of our holistic review of your application.

My school does not provide any or only one original. What do I need to specify? We will begin reviewing your application as soon as we receive two letters of recommendation. We will not accept your request to wait for further letters. To ensure that all your recommendations are available for review, please check that they are on file with LSAC before applying to law school. First, law schools should give applicants ample opportunity to consider other offers before requesting an appointment of any kind. Yale Law School is committed to equal opportunity and accessibility for all applicants who demonstrate great academic and personal promise, regardless of their citizenship status. Yale Law School evaluates applications regardless of a student`s citizenship or immigration status, and all students are eligible for financial aid based on law school needs.