Where to Get Rid of Personal Documents

The easiest way to shred sensitive documents is to shred them in a shredder, preferably a shredder that produces thinner strips of paper compared to a shredder. You can also burn your documents in an outdoor fire pit or fire barrel and then check the ashes to make sure there are no legible pieces of paper left. You can also put the papers in a trash can and soak them in a solution of water and bleach to turn them into a pasty pulp. Then place the pulp in the sun and let it dry completely before throwing it away. To learn how to destroy digital documents, read on! Don`t throw obsolete business documents in the trash. Follow these tips to get rid of your paper documents. This service is usually provided for free, so if you are willing to store your sensitive documents for long periods of time, this could be a good option for you. First, it`s important to understand exactly what kind of documents need to be destroyed. After safely destroying your documents, we recycle all shredded materials and provide a „green report“ to demonstrate your contribution to global sustainability efforts. During digestion, paper documents are soaked in a container with water for 24 hours. Then mix the solution with a paint mixer and drill to make sure all the parts have completely collapsed.

Iron Mountain shredder personnel undergo extensive background checks and receive rigorous, ongoing training on safe shredding services. They are experts in their field and take pride in not only shredding documents, but also protecting your business. With shredding services available at UPS stores across the country, you can dispose of your personal and business documents with one of the leading document shredding providers, Iron Mountain®. Shred your items to protect yourself and your business from identity theft. Keep in mind that an old piece of bills, bank statements, and unopened mail can be a thief`s dream come true. Whether you care about data or not, secure disposal of sensitive documents is crucial. Your time is precious, we understand that. We also understand that you know what`s best for you and your business. That`s why we`ve developed simple shredding services that you can buy directly online – anytime, anywhere – or work directly with an expert. Service providers help companies manage large document disposal orders by offering a document shredding service. They drive trucks and come to you. Once there, they pick up your documents and often destroy them on site.

Then they drag the shredded documents away. If you`ve never been a victim of any form of identity theft, you`re in luck. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 444,602 cases of identity fraud were reported in 2018. Identity theft has also increased by 24% this year. Cybercrime is certainly on the rise, but did you know that thieves can get your data much easier than trying to hack into a company`s database? All they need is access to your old post office, credit cards and debit cards. „Bank statements, credit card statements, and other documents containing your personal information should never be unsafely disposed of,“ said Debbie Guild, Chief Security Officer, PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. „By assembling a document like financial statements and throwing it in the trash or otherwise unsafe way, You may be at risk of identity theft. Using an external shredding service is also beneficial, as they typically provide a higher level of shredding. Not only will you shred your documents into smaller pieces, but you`ll also shuffle them into larger batches than you would at home, making „shredding“ even more difficult.

As for the types of documents you should be concerned about, look for something with personally identifiable information (PII). This could be your name, address, phone number, social security number, credit card, account number, etc. Many local businesses offer free shredding events to customers in the city, including banks, credit unions, and recycling companies. Typically, this method of destruction is a good idea because documents are destroyed with professional shredders and mixed with other shredded pieces of material. The downside is that you may need to store sensitive information or keep it for a long time while waiting for a paper shredding event.