Pro Bono and Free Legal Help

Florida Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal clinic where qualified users ask their civil law questions. Volunteer lawyers register on the website, select questions to answer, and provide legal information and advice. Users receive an email when they answer their questions. Through this program, PBA members review cases and handle cases free of charge in their areas of practice or expertise for the poor of Pennsylvania. The PBA Pro Bono Office and the Public Legal Services Committee coordinate the program. Information about the law or tools to solve simple legal problems. You must bring with you all legal documents served and all other documents related to your case. It is your responsibility to provide this information to your lawyer. If you can`t afford a lawyer, legal aid can help you: For the client: Clients who need free legal advice can find help in several ways: whether it`s connecting lawyers with those who need it most or creating legal tools to help individuals defend themselves, We make sure that the law works for the many, not the few. Looking for more information on this topic? Visit and select your state to find more self-help resources and information about free, low-cost legal aid providers in your area. Pro bono legal services are „unremunerated legal services provided to impoverished strangers or to the public good without expectation of direct or indirect compensation, including referral fees (excluding filing fees or photocopying and shipping fees).“ 8 C.F.R. § 1003.61(a)(2).

The list may not be used by organizations or lawyers to solicit paid legal services. Indebted? Need help managing your money? Do you understand your credit? Do you want to avoid identity theft? To learn more about your rights, click here. On October 1, 2015, the Department amended the regulations on the former list of independent legal service providers in 8 C.F.R. § 1003.61 et seq. The amendments renamed the list to the „Pro Bono Legal Service Provider List“ and significantly revised the registration requirements. Changes to the rule include: organizations and lawyers must provide at least 50 hours per year of pro bono legal services in each immigration court where they are on the list, so that public comments on qualified applicants waiting can be added to the list; and require recertification of suppliers every 3 years from the date of registration. For a copy of the final Federal Register rule, click here. Chief Justice Max Baer and PBA President Wilkinson call on lawyers to support pro bono service Pennsylvania Chief Justice Max Baer has partnered with PBA President Kathleen Wilkinson to encourage all lawyers to commit to providing pro bono service through direct representation and financial support. Read the letter to nearly 75,000 registered lawyers in Pennsylvania. LawHelp Interactive helps you fill out legal forms. To find a legal aid office near you: Go to www. and choose the state you live in to find out who in your state can help you solve your legal problem. I do not have legal immigration status. Can legal aid help me? Each legal aid agency has its own rules about who is eligible for its services. However, if you are a victim of violent crime or domestic violence, legal aid can certainly help protect you from domestic violence or abuse, even if you do not have legal immigration status. If you are a victim of domestic violence, legal aid can also apply for immigration on your behalf. Some legal aid organizations specialize in a wide range of immigration law issues. Go to www. information on the rules applicable to legal aid offices in your area. Are there cases where legal aid is not being addressed? Legal aid in civil matters does not deal with cases of pecuniary damage, such as medical malpractice, car accidents or traffic offences or criminal cases. (For the difference between civil and criminal cases, see The differences between the criminal court and the civil court). What can I expect from a lawyer? Legal aid lawyers have the same qualifications as other lawyers.

Everything you tell your lawyer is confidential, which means it will not be shared with anyone outside the legal aid office. Since everything you tell your lawyer is confidential, tell them the truth. Your lawyer can help you better if you tell him the truth. I am not eligible for legal aid, who can I go to for help? Neighborhood Legal Clinics offers FREE 30-minute consultations with a lawyer at 34 locations in King County, including locations specializing in debt, bankruptcy, and family law. Lawyers determine if the client has a legal problem, suggest possible options, and make appropriate recommendations. NLC lawyers will not represent you in court. NLC is a limited legal service and should not be considered a substitute for representation. Pro bono programs match low-income clients with pro bono lawyers who agree to take on their cases free of charge.

The list is made available to individuals in immigration proceedings and includes information on non-profit organizations and lawyers who have committed to providing pro bono legal services at least 50 hours per year in front of the immigration court venue where they are on the list. The list also includes information on pro bono money transfer services that refer people to pro bono lawyers in immigration court cases.