Pot Legalization in Tennessee

News 2`s Chris O`Brien spoke with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle on the issue to get a sense of the state of legalization efforts. While there is bipartisan support for medical marijuana laws like the bowling law, the point on Capitol Hill is that any legalization would meet fierce opposition. „There`s a very real possibility that when we come back next year, we`ll be the only state that touches Tennessee that hasn`t done any kind of legalization,“ Freeman said. „We need to give people more control over their medical treatment in Tennessee,“ Bowling said of his efforts to lobby for the legalization of medical marijuana in the voluntary state. „When I look at medical cannabis, with 38 states that have already legalized it, I think it`s very important for Tennessee to step up and create its own legal program.“ While Tennessee law currently allows CBD and minimal THC products such as Delta 8, the use of marijuana is still prohibited. In recent years, state lawmakers have debated the costs and benefits of potentially legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use, but formal decisions have never been made on the issue. With about 80% of Tennessee residents supporting medical or full legalization, the tide seems to be turning on this issue. Tennessee residents don`t need to hold their breath. The legalization of cannabis is not a priority for the current government, and despite some efforts by activists, nothing seems to change anytime soon. The legalization of cannabis is only possible through elected officials – it is not something that can be changed through an election initiative process. „It`s amazing how far behind we are,“ Campbell said. „We actually have polls that show us very clearly that most Tennessee residents are overwhelmingly in favor of some kind of legalization.“ With the slow process toward full legalization, Tennessee could be excluded from the revenue marijuana could provide. NASHVILLE, Tenn.

(WKRN) — Marijuana legalization is all but dead at the state Capitol this year. This means Tennessee could be left behind as surrounding states adopt some form of cannabis legalization. This guide covers the legality of marijuana in Tennessee. We discuss recreational and medical laws, penalties for possession, prospects for decriminalization, and pending legalization laws. You`ll also discover a federally legal alternative to weed in Tennessee. „Really, it`s just a bottleneck in the legislature, which is a problem because lawmakers are supposed to represent their constituents,“ Campbell said. I have been using their products since 2019 and can recommend them with a clear conscience. „I`m going to introduce the same bill next year,“ Freeman said.

„I don`t know if I have a right answer,“ he said when asked what was holding him back. „If I did, we wouldn`t be here four years later.“ The bill would have tasked the ministries of agriculture and health with setting up the operation. Growing cannabis is a Class E crime, punishable by a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 1 year and a $5,000 fine. The more marijuana you get, the harsher the penalty. Sen. Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma) told News 2 that she intends to introduce legislation allowing the cultivation, sale and use of medical marijuana in the next Parliament. However, Bowling says medical cannabis is not the bogeyman some portray it. Tennessee`s most populous communities have passed laws that have partially decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. This local shift led to the recent partial decriminalization in 2020, and the Tennessee District Attorney dropped all charges of cannabis possession below 1/2 ounce.

Unfortunately, some people are hypersensitive to the psychedelic effects of Delta 9 THC. When they take too much, the cannabinoid reveals its two-phase nature, triggering mental discomfort and certain physiological responses. There have been a few attempts to legalize marijuana in the past, but none of the bills have been successful. According to the tax review of the law, Tennessee could earn between $65 million and $130 million annually in revenue. In stark contrast to Chris O`Brien`s News 2 article on Thursday, most Democratic lawmakers in Tennessee support cannabis legislation. Some Republicans even support it, at least medically, but it was never introduced in the General Assembly — which makes no sense to Freeman. „I`m not entirely sure what we need to do to get people to support this,“ Freeman said. „If you vote across the state, it`s very popular.“ „It underscores the fact that we continue to turn our backs on potential revenue for legal taxation — people are already using it, otherwise they wouldn`t be picked up and we`re criminalizing that and putting people in jail for what`s legal in other states,“ Freeman said. Trent Woloveck is Chief Commercial Officer of Jushi Holdings Inc., a Denver-based cannabis company.