Pia Baggage Rules

The total dimensions of each piece of baggage must not exceed 62″, i.e. the length of the baggage (in inches) + width (in inches) + height (in inches) must not exceed 62″. All Pakistan International Airways baggage allowance and fee information on one page! Carry-on baggage must not exceed 114 centimetres in width, length and height; This includes all wheels and handles – with the exception of certain musical instruments that fit in the overhead compartment of PIA Pakistan International Airlines or under the seat available at the time of boarding. Aslam-o-Alaykam. Sir, How much luggage is allowed from Lahore to Manchester. With compliments overweight and oversized baggage fees are considered any piece of luggage weighing more than 50 pounds. PIA Pakistan International Airlines` excess baggage fees are in addition to standard, excess baggage or excess baggage fees. Baggage weighing more than 99 pounds will not be accepted as checked baggage by PIA Pakistan International Airlines. *Please visit the Excess Baggage page for more information. Check your baggage with your flight`s airline representative. The airline ticket counters are located in the ticket hall near the main entrance. I travel with the Pk 787 from Karachi to London and with the PK 788 back.

What is the free baggage allowance in both directions? What is the weight limit per bag on checked baggage? For more information on Pakistan International Airways` baggage allowance and fees: www.piac.com.pk/pia_experience/pia-experience_baggagesvc.asp Manchester, Birmingham and London Heathrow Baggage Allowance – adults and children 40kg (2 bags only) in economy class for all PIA flights to Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. (valid round trip) * Free baggage allowance applies to travel to domestic airports in Pakistan, provided it is a connecting flight and your journey from the UK begins. Please confim me asap DXB to LHR PIA luggage weight is allowed. The ticket says 30, but the PIA website 32 KG for the United Arab Emirates, GULF. This is baggage for which the airline has sole custody and for which a baggage tag is issued. For specific information on your airline`s baggage policy, click on your airline below: • Checked Baggage/Checked Baggage – Usually 1 piece of baggage for domestic flights to Pakistan and 2 bags for international flights When flying with PIA Pakistan International Airlines, a separate excess baggage fee will be charged for each restriction you exceed. In general, this varies from one geographic region to another. Please visit PIA Pakistan International Airlines website for more information and exact fees. Business Class: The same rules apply, but your baggage allowance is 50 kg for adults and children. PIA Pakistan International Airlines passengers are allowed to carry one piece of hand luggage and a personal item such as a briefcase, camera bag or small backpack on board the aircraft. Your hand baggage must fit in the baggage compartments of PIA Pakistan International Airlines or under the seat in front of you. Oversized baggage feesMost bags that weigh more than 62 inches in weight, length, and height are considered oversized.

PIA Pakistan International Airlines` oversized baggage fee is in addition to standard fees, excess baggage or excess weight. NOTE: Partitioned seats do not have storage under the seat, so all carry-on baggage must be stowed in the overhead compartment during take-off and landing. Sir, I need to buy a PIA Dubai ticket to Karachi Karachi to Kathmandu (Nepal) return ticket I need to travel Pia Airlens much more time, but so far when I buy the ticket Buggage write only 30kg Whey Sir always I bring Pakistanthan Airways 50kg but so far I confused how many kg of luggage I allowed Please ask me Thank you Helo Slam Sir I travel 25 September from Paris to Islamabad How long waiting I have my luggage PIA Pakistan International Airlines allows a wide range of sports equipment and special luggage on PIA Pakistan International Airlines flights. Due to the size of the luggage, some items may be counted as standard baggage. However, PIA Pakistan International Airlines is considered an overweight or oversized item. Therefore, fees and certain restrictions apply by PIA Pakistan International Airlines. Please visit the PIA Pakistan International Airlines website directly. More information can be found on the official luggage page. Below is the current baggage allowance on PIA flights – departing from the UK to Pakistan NOT valid if your journey starts in Pakistan. How much luggage is allowed on Pia from Abu Dhabi to Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan? Codeshare flights: A codeshare flight is a commercial flight operated by one airline but marketed by others.

The free baggage allowance shall be issued in accordance with the free baggage allowance of the operating carrier. Economy classes: Adults and children can each have a maximum weight of 40 kg, if you take full authorization, make sure to divide them into 2 bags with a maximum of 30 kg in 1 piece of luggage. There are very strict rules and luggage over 32 kg in 1 piece is not allowed. Note: The weight of the accompanied animal/pet, if accepted, including the weight of the container, is not included in the passenger`s baggage allowance. The passenger must pay the applicable excess baggage fee.e) Related documents: IATA Airport Handling Manual Salam I wanted to know how much baggage is allowed for an adult traveling from Karachi to Sialkot, please pick up the golf equipment accepted for domestic and international flights, if carried in addition to the free baggage allowance, Then the special fee up to 15 kg extra is only 06 kg. If the golf equipment weighs more than 15 kg, it will be charged at 06 kg for a weight of up to 15 kg, any weight greater than 15 kg, the normal excess baggage rate per kg applies. We can take towed luggage with 30 killo each and with 7 killo in hand, excess weight is taken but you do it. • 115 centimeters (55 x 38 x 22 cm) or 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 inches), including handles and wheels Yes, Pakistan International Airlines allows online check-in.