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„Detailed knowledge of the port and maritime industry. Significant history of legal advice and support in this area. This includes international transactions to sell and buy expensive equipment. CLIENT: Aaron Kenny, Senior Analyst Strategic Projects COMPANY/FIRM: Synlait Milk Limited TESTIMONIAL: Good work on the question letter dirA, Annelies. Refreshing to get a simple and concise legal opinion instead of an in-depth comment that sets foot in each camp and doesn`t really form an opinion. „High-level team, lateral thinkers, very thorough legal knowledge, friendly, committed, practical, cost-conscious.“ „Tim Barclay distinguishes himself not only by being an experienced and exceptional lawyer, but also by having the talent to understand the economic interests of his clients, which is so rare among lawyers. Tim goes all the way to meet the needs of clients, is very quick to record, has an excellent memory and is very detailed in his analysis of legal issues without wasting time with superfluous elements. „Anthony Harper`s team is a group of highly experienced, competent and highly qualified lawyers. They proactively seek innovative solutions to sometimes solve complex legal problems. They also leverage the breadth and depth of Anthony Harper`s entire team working collaboratively to deliver solutions. Our award-winning, internationally recognized legal teams are there for organizations of all sizes and types, from large established multinationals to entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of their business. CLIENT: Kathryn Hatton COMPANY/COMPANY: Morgan Project Services TESTIMONIAL: Morgan Project Services quickly expanded its service base during the Canterbury earthquake recovery programme and, as a result, staffing requirements increased from approximately 7 employees to 135 employees. During this period, we have relied heavily on recruiting qualified professional staff from abroad to meet the needs of our clients.

Morgan Project Services has relied on Nicola Tiffen`s legal expertise in immigration law for over 4 years to support the growth of this company. It has proven invaluable on many occasions, providing a clear roadmap to meet legal requirements, providing legal documents, excellent communication and a friendly personality that has reduced the delay, stress and anxiety of staff facing immigration situations that have occurred. We highly recommend Nicola for all these immigration services. Are you looking for agile, results-oriented, real-world legal services? „Crispin and Chloé are friendly but very professional people. They constantly strive to exceed our expectations in terms of deadlines, consulting standards and innovative solutions. Crispin and Chloé are constantly keeping us informed of the progress made with regard to precedents and upcoming legislative changes, which is much appreciated. We work throughout New Zealand and can arrange legal assistance in 65 countries through international ALFA partners. CLIENT: Keith Harris COMPANY/ FIRM: Insolvency Management TESTIMONIAL: Our firm has recently engaged the services of litigation experts. Harriet Quinlan was assigned to our case. Harriet was responsible for providing all related mandates and submissions.

All of these tasks have been accomplished far beyond our expectations. Harriet was attentive to detail and extremely professional in all her affairs. The complex insolvency arguments were all well-founded and researched, so we won the Supreme Court case. Harriet is easy to communicate and we wouldn`t hesitate to recommend her. Anthony Harper is one of New Zealand`s oldest law firms with a proud history of over 150 years. Today, the firm employs more than 150 people in Auckland and Christchurch, with internationally recognised and award-winning specialist lawyers working for a wide range of clients (from large corporations to individuals) in a wide range of sectors and services. „Crispin Vinnell is the partner we deal with. We have been using his services for more than 10 years and appreciate his legal knowledge and his ability to apply them practically in a business situation to achieve the best possible results. He is readily available and responds quickly to calls and can rest assured that he will meet deadlines. Whether it`s challenging M&A bargaining power, expertise in retirement villages, deep litigation skills, down-to-earth advice in the agriculture industry, or a range of other legal sectors and services, we`ve got you and your organization.

„David Gould of Anthony Harper is an excellent legal partner in all the acquisitions or divestitures in which we have been involved. He is a very smart lawyer, but more importantly, he is practical and commercial. David seems to manage his team well as he is usually always available to take over the work when we need it. He also has a very good reputation in the market, so he can easily talk to many other relevant legal teams and knows or has good relationships with industry participants. Anthony Harper`s lawyers are industry experts in key sectors and services. These are high-growth areas for the economy to which we can offer the greatest added value through our customers and the direct contributions we make. Our precision, attention to detail and clarity allow us to quickly analyze complex problems and get to the heart of the problem. „Anthony Harper provides legal advice to us in a number of industries, including real estate and construction. The versatility of providing a wide range of expertise is an advantage for us. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited. When you choose Anthony Harper, you are working with an award-winning national company that is steeped in 150 years of history and is committed to delivering the results that matter most to clients.

Our lawyers are true specialists who bring years of experience and in-depth expertise to everything they touch. „The firm is agile, creative and extremely good with clients and stakeholders. Dan Hughes is the outstanding performer. » CLIENT: Larissa Logan COMPANY:Ernst and Young TESTIMONIAL: We appreciate Lynne Van and the advice and support of Anthony Harper`s team. We appreciate their support, pragmatic business advice and sound strategic analysis. Lynne is always ready to help and Lynne`s business direction and clear knowledge has proven invaluable to us. The team always delivers and I do not hesitate to recommend them. „The team is great, I can`t blame them. The overall knowledge is fantastic, it is effective and timely with answers, the team always takes care of all the questions quickly.

You have a good knowledge of the customer and a good understanding of how the business works. The seminars organized by the company on the upcoming changes are informative and extremely useful. „High quality work, technical know-how, problem solving and access to partners. „Alex Campbell – pragmatic, business-oriented lawyer who consistently does high-quality work. „Nothing is ever a problem. Always stay in touch with progress. Provides excellent advice and practical solutions to all problems and clearly identifies the risks to our business. „Very experienced team, easily available and responsive. Offer well-thought-out, clear and concise advice that includes options for the steps that can be taken, as well as their recommendation on the course to follow. The team is considered an expert in its field and very commercial in its thinking. „Kathryn McKinney is recommended for her professionalism and pragmatic advice.

» CLIENT: Ashley Kingham COMPANY/ FIRM: Public Trust TESTIMONIAL: Nick Summerfield impresses with his technical precision, responsiveness and pragmatism. Nick has provided us with business and practical advice under time pressure, which adds value to the results we can offer our clients. „Chris Dann offers very high quality advice and great attention to detail.“ „We often work with Ed Dunphy. He is very practical, attentive and focuses on important topics. » CLIENT: Andrew Millard COMPANY/COMPANY: Millard Construction Cost Consultants Limited TESTIMONIAL: In over 30 years in the construction industry, I have worked with a significant number of law firms and lawyers and I undoubtedly consider Anthony Harper and Karen Kemp to be one of the most client-focused and articulate lawyers I have worked with.