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I tried several Toms to buy an eGift card for my brother, and the transaction continues to be rejected after they have already withdrawn money from my account. I called and spent so much time on the phone switching from gift card services to customer relations and vice versa to find out why they declined my purchase.. NO ONE can tell me why and keeps trying to blame the credit card company which is totally BS. Then I am told that only the finance department can help me, but they do not have a phone number and only customer service is allowed to send them an email, but if and when they respond, someone will contact me. Full joke. The representatives are rude, do not listen, cannot understand anything you are telling them. I`m so done. I will NEVER use Ace Hardware online again. If you want more information about an item you see on, just click on the article. This will take you to a product detail page that contains a full description of the product. For more product information, please contact Customer Service at 888-827-4223.

I was in Frazier, Colorado this morning in ace gear and needed color, 2×4, wooden dowels and texture. I took my sample with me to be paired and went to the painting department. He said it would be a bit, so I left it and walked through the store to get the rest of my stuff. I came back and waited for the color when the guy behind the counter said I had to move and stop floating, that most people were going down and coming back. So I said, well, I`m just going to another store to go get some paint and put my things down and turn around and walk away. As I walked away, he asked me how I would like the can I had put on the back of my head. I don`t know about you, but that`s not the way I want to be treated or approached as a customer. Ace in Frazier won`t get my business or anyone else I can convince.

„Keri is a brilliant lawyer and a welcome addition to Ace Hardware`s leadership team,“ said Bill Guzik, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer. „Keri leads with integrity and a wealth of highly relevant experience and practical business acumen make her the ideal candidate to lead legal affairs at Ace Hardware.“ It`s easy to change your online account information at any time. Simply log in to your account by clicking on „Login /Registration“ in the top right corner of If you have forgotten your password, click here. I purchased propane 28.01.22 from your Seneca SC store today. This is the second time I`ve bought propane here that when I got home, my tank was messy. The first time I had a 100-pound tank and had to call the fire department because visibility was leaking. Today I had filled a 40 lb tank and the same thing happened. I took him home, plugged him in and he was running away.

I called the store and talked to the assistant manager and he was rude. I had to buy another tank because the person who filled it in one of your stores broke my first two. I made the mistake of opening an Ace hardware account. My information was sold immediately because I started receiving a lot of spam. So I emailed on 21.10.21 and asked them to delete my account. They never did; I always get emails. All they did was assign a case #AR782768 and never reply to my emails. THE NEXT STEP is that I will file a BBB complaint. If an item is available on for free in-store pickup – Filled from the warehouse, it means you can save on shipping costs by choosing to have your items delivered for FREE to an Ace hardware store near you! Free in-store pickup – Filled from the warehouse is only available for customers online. General Counsel Ace Hardware Corporation 2200 Kensington Court Oak Brook, IL 60523 Phone: 630-990-8974 Email: User Generated Content. The Online Services may offer the ability to post ratings, reviews, comments, photos, and other content (collectively, „User Generated Content“).

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