78Th Legal Operations Detachment

If you have questions about the scope of legal assistance available or if you do not receive a response to a request for mutual legal assistance within one week, forward your original request to the U.S. Army Reserve CUSTOMER SERVICE CORE POC Competency: usarmy.usarc.usar-legal-cmd.mbx.ops-g3@army.mil. U.S. Army JAG units are authorized to consult on civilian legal matters unrelated to military service, resources permitting. They will not represent you in civil court. You don`t receive complex estate planning benefits. If you have a military criminal case, please contact the Primary Defence Services representation on their website. If you are a member of the U.S. Army Reserve and would like to request legal assistance, click the button below and fill out the form. Save the form in PDF format and email it to the legal operations detachment nearest you (see below).

Email usually provides the fastest response to your request. If you call the phone number provided, you will not be put in touch with a lawyer, but you will be redirected to a member of the unit, who will likely advise you to complete the application form. Note that these are drilling reserve units whose members are not on active duty. You should expect a response within a week. If you have not been contacted within one week of submitting your email, please contact POC Customer Service at usarmy.usarc.usar-legal-cmd.mbx.ops-g3@army.mil. 6th Legal Operations Detachment (Washington, Northern Idaho and Oregon) Schwab Army Reserve Center 9700 McCall Road, JBLM, WA 98433 Phone: 253-968-7990 usarmy.usarc.usar-legal-cmd.list.6th-la@army.mil 7th Legal Operations Detachment (Upstate New York and Vermont) 1201 Hillside Ave. Schenectady, NY 12309 Phone: 910-598-9000 or 910-598-9101 usarmy.usarc.usar-legal-cmd.mbx.7th-la@army.mil The 78th LOD Legal Assistance Office is located at the Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos, in Los Alamitos, California. Legal assistance services are available to members of the U.S. Army Reserve for legal readiness issues. U.

Army Reserve JAG units can assist you with military administrative matters, including: Financial Responsibility Reprimands (FLIPL) OER/NCOER Investigations Questions/Objections Investigations Financial Support Obligations Correction of Military Records Service Retention Bar Security Clearance Revocation Support is also provided for legal issues related to deployment or mobilization, including: Wills Powers of Attorney For Family Care Living Wills and Medical Living Wills Owners/Tenants Military Matters Members of the Civil Assistance Act (CAS) Issues employment/re-employment issues related to the Military Service Legal Aid Application Form. Right-click to save the link as and open it as an Adobe PDF file. If you served in this unit, reconnect with your military friends today *** Physical Address *** 4235 Yorktown Ave, Building 17 Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, CA. 90720 TEL: (562) 795-2208/2699/2158 FAX: (562) 795-1379 clark.doan.civ@mail.mil TogetherWeServed.com (TWS) contains complete military records of veterans published by the veterans themselves, including memorabilia and photos In addition to search functions for records TWS military is the largest online veteran community that exists today and is a powerful veterans locator. TWS allows veterans to find those with whom they served by matching their service information entered on their TWS military service page with the service information of all other veterans in their membership. TWS members can then review the corresponding members and connect with those they know. Many veterans try to find people they served with to re-establish previous friendships, but also, in some cases, to find witnesses to events that occurred during their service for medical claims. TWS has 2,144,370 veterans and thousands of veterans join its ranks each month, increasing the ability to find old military friends.

LOCATION: Please click on the map to enlarge and see the exact location of our office on JFTB Los Alamitos. MG Benjamin Hunton Memorial Reserve Center 8791 Snouffer School Road Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879-1624 Copyright © 2003-2022. TogetherWeServed All rights reserved| No U.S. government website, privacy policy, and terms of use. • Legal Operational Support • Litigation Defense • Command Legal Assistance • Judicial Teams • Legal Assistance for Soldiers • National Legal Assistance for Civilian Authorities • International Education and Training *** Postal Address *** 4201 Saratoga Ave, Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, CA. 90720.